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9-3-2021 - Ban Factory "Farms" Campaign Peaks During Solheim Events in Toledo
7-9-21 Statement by Lake Erie Advocates RE: City of Maumee Dumping Sewage
12-15-20 Cease and Desist Cheering for H2Ohio
11-19-2020 “Staggering" New Look at Animal Factory Maumee Impact on Lake Erie

12-19-2019 Farm Bureau Protects the Elephant Sitting in the Middle of the Living Room, Lenawee Co. Health Department Pursues the Mouse in the Corner

9-11-2019 It's Time to Start Pointing Fingers


9-5-2019 “Money Down the Toilet: How politicians spent $614,971,575 to look good while polluters poisoned Lake Erie”
Money spent on programs that don't work or don't hold polluters accountable

8-19-2019 Activist File Motion to Defend Lake Erie Bill of Rights Lawsuit from Ohio A.G.
Read the response to A.G's Motion to Dismiss

8-1-2019 We Remember! Five Years Since Toledo’s Water Crisis Marked With Theater, Speakers, Music

7-24-2019 National Survey: Western Lake Erie Beach Second Worst Of All U.S. Coastal States
Five years after Toledo's water crisis, Lake Erie is worse than ever

7-22-2019 Legislature Attacks Rights Of Nature, Protects Polluters In Budget Bill

6-26-2019 Ohio Taxpayers Pay $23.5 Million More To Subsidize Animals Factories And Make Lake Erie Worse
More good money after bad. Politicians can brag about it, but what a cost to Lake Erie.

5-30-2019 Update On U.S. EPA Inspector-General’s Reprimand Re: Ohio Factory “Farm” Regulations
Read DeWine's "Statement of Authority"

5-17-2019 Lake Advocates To Protest Federal Judge’s Closed-Door Session
Zouhary Locks Out Public, Gags Democracy

5-16-2019 Governor, Legislative Leaders Warned $900 Million Could Be Wasted On Failed Lake Cleanup Methods
Read the letter to DeWine and legislators here

6-7-2019 Read Dewine's B.S. Non-Response To Our Letter

4-22-2019 Lake Advocates Join National Campaign To Ban Factory "Farms"

4-9-2019 New Report Shows Factory "Farms" Are Out Of Control In Maumee Watershed
Environmental Working Group and Environmental Law and Policy Center Release Findings

3-12-2019 Much Ado About Not Very Much
1) Trump Wants to Cut Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Money and 2) Randy Gardner’s “CLEAN LAKE 2020” Money Gets Spent

2-17-2019 Acle/Toledoans For Safe Water Joint Press Advisory On “Vote No” Campaign
Corporate opposition unloads expected big money campaign
2-7-2019 ACLE Files New Lawsuit to Get EPA to "Do It's Job"
Read the complaint here

1-2-2019 Acle To Building Trades: "Why Oppose Lake Erie Bill Of Rights?"
Letter invites Trades to join in campaign to protect lake, create jobs

12-5-2018 Lake Advocates Prepare A Return To Federal Court

Read the Notice Of Intent letter here

11-20-2018 Environment Groups Take Silent Protest To City Council
Tape over mouths reads "Let Us VOTE"

10-23-2018 Ag Director Daniels Firing Part Of Kasich’s Strategy To Avoid The Clean Water Act, Look Tough On Polluters And Massage His Resume For 2020

10-22-2018 Acle To City Council: Put Lake Erie Bill Of Rights On The Ballot!
Members to picket and attend council meeting Tuesday, Oct. 23

10-18-2018 Acle Meets Cordray Before Lake Erie Boat Ride
Dem. gubernatorial candidate in town for Lake Erie photo op

10-14-2018 Lake Advocates Invite Ohio Gubernatorial Candidates To Debate In Toledo

10-3-2018 Acle To Senator Brown: “Don’t Miss The Boat… Again!!”
Brown in Toledo to pick up enviro endorsement, but never backed an impaired designation

9-9-2018 Acle Endorses Lake Erie Bill Of Rights

8-17-2018 Lake Advocates Question Deficiencies In Ohio Dept. Of Ag Rulemaking For Distressed Watersheds
Calls Grand Lake St. Mary’s “Distressed” Progam an “Unmitigated Failure”

7-31-2018 Lake Advocates Question State Lawmakers At TMACOG Forum
“Can you describe the difference between ‘distressed’ and ‘impaired?’”

7-11-2018 ACLE Response To Gov. Kasich’s Lake Erie Executive Order
Governor also signed the misnamed “Clean Lake 2020” legislation

6-28-2018 “Clean Lake 2020” Just Took Ohio Taxpayers To The Cleaners
Legislators claim to fix Lake Erie, but blow lion’s share of $36,000,000 on failed measures

6-17-2018 ACLE Sounds Alarm On $36,000,000 “Clean Lake 2020”
Good money thrown after bad instead of following the Clean Water Act

6-13-2018 What $300,000,000/Yr. In Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Does Not Do For Lake Erie
Projects funded don't address toxic algal bloom causes

6-11-2018 Lake Advocates Ask Federal Court: End OHEPA Delays, Make USEPA Establish Pollution Limits
USEPA “aiding and abetting” OEPA refusal to follow Clean Water Act

6-7-2018 Lake Advocates Sound Alarm On “Clean Lake 2020”
Misnamed legislation will take Ohio taxpayers to the cleaners instead of getting a cleaner lake

6-4-2018 ACLE Submits Tough Questions For Ohio House-Senate Ag Hearing On Sb 1
SB 1 Written for Lake Erie or the Farm Bureau?

5-31-2018 In Old West End Parade, ACLE Pillories Factory "Farms"
Street theater showing CAFO animals using Lake Erie as a free toilet

5-14-2018 ACLE Response To OEPA Director Butle’s “Udder Nonsense” Statements
From TMACOG Water Quality Task Force meeting

5-12-2018 Advocates Raise Red Flag Over Ohio Sen. Randy Gardner Lake Legislation
Time to unmask Gardner as friend of CAFOs, not Lake Erie

4-24-2018 PBS Doc On Trillium Egg Farm Labor Abuses: “The Tip Of The Tip Of The Iceberg”

4-19-2018 Lake Advocates: OEPA Is “A Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of The Farm Bureau”
Letter responds to Butler and Gebhardt backing away from Clean Water Act requirements for Lake Erie “impaired” cleanup

4-16-2018 N.W. Ohio Candidates Respond To Lake Advocates’ Survey

4-12-2018 Federal Judge Carr Orders U.S. EPA To Quickly Comply With Clean Water Act

3-26-2018 Federal Court Oversight of Erie Cleanup Does Not Mean Delay

State agency finally sees nose on the end of its face


See link in release for text of the resolution

3-6-2018 State Reps Fedor And Sheehy: If Kasich Doesn’t Act, We’ll Introduce “Impaired” Resolution Tomorrow

1-31-2018 Lake Advocates Return to Federal Court for Impaired Status
Click here for Supplemental Motion for Summary Judgment

1-17-2018 U.S. EPA Backs Down on Lake Erie Impairment Issue
Click here for Motion for Summary Judgment

10-17-2017 ACLE Response to City Council Passing "Impaired" Resolution

10-16-2017 “Voting For The Lake” Statement At Lucas County Early Voting Center

10-13-2017 Advocates To Vote Monday Morning “For The Lake”

10-2-2017 Lake Advocates To OEPA Director: Intimidation And Libel Won’t Clean Up Lake Erie

9-29-2017 Lake Advocates Press Toledo Mayor For More

9-26-2017 Toledo Mayor Belatedly Endorses Impaired Status For Lake Erie
"In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there is such a thing as being too late" ~ MLK

9-21-2017 Dead Fish And Algae-Choked Water Join Lake Advocates’ Protest

8-22-2017 10 Miles Of Dead Fish In Williams County From Manure Overload
Lake Advocates to EPA: “Investigate Now. Use DNA Testing. Find the Polluters.”

8-15-2017 Advocates To Picket Waniewski Fundraiser
Unveil New Yard Sign for Candidate's Campaign: "not for Lake Erie; not for Mayor"

8-2-2017 Acle Announces “Clean Slate For Clean Water” Candidates

7-25-2017 Lake Advocates To Picket Council, Announce Plans To Endorse
“A Clean Slate for Clean Water” Questionnaire Mailed Out

7-18-2017 ACLE Sues USEPA To Get Lake Erie Declared “Impaired”
Click here to read Federal Court complaint

7-11-2017 Advocates Picket Mayor’s “Walk And Talk”
"More Chlorine Is Not An Answer"

7-6-2017 Advocates Respond To Mayor’s Facebook Townhall Remarks

7-5-2017 Advocates Send Mayor 10 Questions For Her Facebook Townhall
City does live online event for the official opening of "Harmful Algal Bloom Season" (we didn't make that up!)

6-27-2017 Toledo Electioneering Kicks Off, Acle Pickets Dem. Candidates

6-7-2017 A Rogue State Agency Running A Rogue Program
Political corruption, not algae poisoning Lake Erie

4-20-2017 For Earth Day, Advocates Call For “Moratorium On CAFOs”
Will make announcement at Point Place presentation of "The Third Battle for Lake Erie"

4-4-2017 Lake Advocates Picket Kasich In Sandusky
Governor calls Erie “A Jewel,” lets Big Ag use it as a toilet

3-23-2017 Press Advisory: Questions for Gebhardt at IJC Hearing

3-22-2017 Lake Advocates To Picket OEPA’S Gebhardt Prior To International Joint Commission Hearing
“Farm Bureau Runs OEPA” “Big Ag = Big Algae”

3-06-2017 Trump Proposed $ Cuts To EPA? Finding Sources Of Lake Erie Toxic Algae Never Was A Priority (GLRI Figures Revised 3-23-2017)

02-16-2017 Manure Continues To Flow, Ohio Epa Report “Gives No Confidence Of Water Quality Improvement”

02/9/2017 Lake Advocates “Bird Dog” Heidelberg’s Laura Johnson

12/8/2016 Advocates Thank Mayor, Point Out Mistake In Trump Letter
Hicks-Hudson Repeats Incorrect View of EPA's Authority under Clean Water Act

12/7/2016 Toledo Mayor Joins Environmentalists Demanding U.S. Epa Run Lake Erie Cleanup
Political Momentum Continues to Build

Read The Mayors Letter
11/30/2016 Lake Advocates To Obama: It’s Time For An Executive Order
Kaptur, Dingle Letter to U.S. EPA Needs Presidential Support
11/21/2016 Lake Advocates Keep Pressure On City Council
Advocates Refuse to Let Officials Forget Drinking Water Crisis

11/15/2016 Chesapeake Cleanup Gets Over $1b From Feds In Two Years
This Six-line Advisory Generated a Major Toledo Blade Story and Editorial

11/13/2016 Lake Advocates To Picket City Council Committee Meeting

11/11/2016 Michigan Decision Declaring Erie Impaired Demands Action From Ohio
Lake Advocates Ask Toledo Council: "Which Side Are You On?"

10/27/2016 Informational Picketing At Rotary Lake Erie Conference
Farm Bureau/Big Ag interests dominate agenda

Read the flyer
10/20/2016 On Lake Erie Survey, Most Toledo Area Candidates Are A.W.O.L.
Drinking Water Crisis Already Forgotten

9/30/2016 Are Ohio's U.S. Senate Candidates Serious About Lake Erie?
"I'm for Clean Water" Doesn't Cut It Anymore

9/19/2016 Survey Asks State Candidates “What Will You Do About Sewage Of Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati And 5 Toledos Being Dumped In NW Ohio?”

8/8/16 Corporate P.R. Blitz Can’t Hide Stinking Truth
Wisconsin "Dairies" Operating in Michigan

8/8/2016 OEPA Draft Report To Feds Protects Big Ag, Puts Toledo In Regulatory Crosshairs
CAFO Lobby Again Thwarts Serious Cleanup

7/19/2016 Toledo's Water is NY Times Poster Child for Algae Crisis
And Some People Are Worried An EPA "Impaired" Designation Will Be Bad P.R.?!

6/30/2016 Toledo Environmental Group Condemns Mayor's Lake Resolution
Misleading In Several Respects, Passes Council Anyway

6/21/2016 Advocates to Lake Erie Commission: Support Impaired Status Now
Former Farm Bureau Lobbyist Heads Official Lake Agency

6/21/2016 Ohio Politicians Sell Lake Erie to Farm Bureau for $1.2 Million
Small Investment Reaping Big Rewards for Big Ag

6/14/2016 Toledo Environmentalists Testify at Van Wert Chicken Factory Hearing
2,200,000 More Chickens Planned for Maumee Watershed

6/3/2016 Lake Advocates Shine Spotlight on Rep. Kaptur's Refusal to Back EPA Cleanup
Actions Need to Match Talk

5/18/2016 Two Environmentalist Critique Heidelberg's Water Sampling Program
Gold Standard for Stream Sampling May Be FeS2

5/11/2016 City's "expert" on Lake Erie has a Polluted Past
LimnoTech LLC's Chesapeake Bay Study Blasted By Independent Evaluators

4/18/2016 Lake Advocates to Picket Mayor at UAW Fundraiser
Support Impaired Designation Now!

3/29/2016 MI Environmentalist Kicks Off New Toledo Group for Lake Erie

3/4/2016 New Group Formed to Clean Up Lake Erie
Says Supreme Court's Farm Bureau Decision is "perfect timing"


Five years after Toledo's water crisis, Lake Erie is worse than ever

More good money after bad. Politicians can brag about it, but what a cost to Lake Erie.

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