ACLE and Environmental Law & Policy Center vs USEPA


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First we had to sue to get the lake declared "impaired." Now we have to sue to get the EPA to do its job and issue a TMDL (Total Maximum Daily Load) to put an enforceable limit on pollution.

"Whether OEPA has made a 'constructive submission' of no Total Maximum Daily Load for western Lake Erie, in violation of Clean Water Act (“CWA”) section 303(d), 33 U.S.C. § 1313(d)"

ACLE's motion intends to once and for all put a FULL STOP to Ohio's pretense that the Great Lakes Water Quality agreement and other voluntary schemes will work.  We intend to stop Ohio's decades-long practice of shielding factory ‘farms’ from accountability in their poisoning of Lake Erie and make our state follow the law of the land, the Clean Water Act, to restore Lake Erie


More proof that OEPA officials are already backing away from Clean Water Act requirements

But OEPA Director Butler still doubts TMDLs are needed

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