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Lake Erie Bill of Rights

The Lake Erie Bill of Rights (LEBOR) was a grassroots-led charter amendment proposed by Toledoans for Safe Water in 2018 in response to the Water Crisis. Residents collected over 10,500 petition signatures to place the amendment on the general election ballot. The amendment, endorsed by Lake Erie Advocates, codified the inalienable rights of Lake Erie - the rights to exist, flourish, and naturally evolve. Despite many attempts to deny petitioners ballot access, the groups prevailed and the amendment passed with 61% of the vote in February of 2019.


Well-funded corporate opposition from industry (such as the Ohio Chamber of Commerce, the farm bureau, and the oil and gas industry) and the state of Ohio sought to overturn the law, despite being democratically enacted. LEBOR was the first Rights of Nature law for a specific ecosystem in the US. The law was overturned in February of 2020 but the remains a major victory for the global Rights of Nature Movement. 

Agribusiness Assoc., Farm Bureau, Cattleman's Assoc., Dairy Producers, Pork Council Etc... Sue to Keep LEBOR off the Ballot

September, 2018

Lake Erie Bill of Rights Response to County Board of Elections Claim to Keep it Off the Ballot

September 10, 2018

Terrific Blade editorial: Recognizing the Rights of Nature

January 12, 2019

Includes Toledo's part in this international movement

Construction Trades, Oil and Gas, Chemical Lobby Groups Sue to Keep LEBOR OFF the Ballot!

September, 2018

Read the amicus brief here

Here's the List of Corporate "Blue Meanies" Suing to Keep LEBOR Off the Toledo Ballot

September 07, 2018

And just in case you need to brush up on who the Blue Meanies are, click here.

Belt Magazine: Big Ag vs Lake Erie

November 21, 2017

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