Press Releases from Lake Erie Advocates

2-7-22 Williams County Salmon "Farm" Model Has Shocking Record

9-3-2021 - Ban Factory "Farms" Campaign Peaks During Solheim Events in Toledo

12-15-20 Cease and Desist Cheering for H2Ohio

Lake Erie continues to worsen every year as Ohio approves more animal feeding factories

3-9-22 Animal Welfare Complaint Filed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture

Fairfield Pork subsidiary of Kalmbach Feeds, Inc., using banned “gestation crates”

Advocates: “You wouldn’t treat a dog like this.”

Read the Complaint and Appendices

12-2-21 Environmental Group Pulls Out of Landmark Federal Lawsuit

Lake Erie Advocates: “We believe it’s the principled thing for us to do.”

7-9-21 Statement by Lake Erie Advocates RE: City of Maumee Dumping Sewage

11-19-2020 “Staggering" New Look at Animal Factory Maumee Impact on Lake Erie