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Press Releases from Lake Erie Advocates

2-21-23 OPEA Draft is "Too Little and Too Late"

400,000 in Toledo area waited in vain for plan prevent future toxic shutdowns

In testimony at an Ohio EPA public hearing in Bowling Green, Thursday, Lake Erie Advocates (LEA)  members will cite scientific reports showing the agency’s recommendations to stop the annual poisoning  of the lake by Microcystis bacteria, or harmful algal blooms, are “totally and undeniably inadequate and  too little, too late.”

11-30-2022: OH Officials Begin Cover-up of 20-Year Factory Farm Scandal

Nailed by U.S. EPA, DeWine administration says, “Move along, nothing to see here, folks.”

3-9-22 Animal Welfare Complaint Filed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture

Fairfield Pork subsidiary of Kalmbach Feeds, Inc., using banned “gestation crates”

Advocates: “You wouldn’t treat a dog like this.”

Read the Complaint and Appendices

12-2-21 Environmental Group Pulls Out of Landmark Federal Lawsuit

Lake Erie Advocates: “We believe it’s the principled thing for us to do.”

12-15-22 "Frankenfish Factory" Draws Protestors to Port Authority Meeting

Concerns over a factory “farm” to raise 10,000 tons of GE salmon a year will bring residents from across NW Ohio to the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority board meeting in downtown Toledo as part of national protests against AquaBounty Technologies.

LEA Statement 

2-7-22 Williams County Salmon "Farm" Model Has Shocking Record

9-3-2021 - Ban Factory "Farms" Campaign Peaks During Solheim Events in Toledo

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