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Fighting to end this shame! 

LEA defends Lake Erie from assaults by animal factories and other polluting sources to sustain the lake's health for all life that depends on it.

Join us! Attend our monthly meetings and get involved! 

Public Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at Grace Lutheran Church at 6:30 pm. 

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Next Meeting: Wednesday, July 24 at 6:30 PM

Join us at 4441 Monroe St. 

Toledo's 2014 Water Crisis: The Real Poop

Remember the Water Crisis:
Share Your Story

Where were you when you first heard the "do not drink, do not boil, do not touch" order for our water in 2014?


How did it affect you and your loved ones?

Did the Water Crisis leave a lasting impression on you?

What memories or lessons have stayed with you?

For nearly a decade, Lake Erie Advocates have passionately fought for water quality and the health of Lake Erie and its surrounding communities. We all have a memory, experience, or story related to the Water Crisis. What's yours? 

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Thank you for attending!


We hope you had a great time at our event to kick off our next billboard campaign. 

If you'd like to support Lake Erie Advocates, please consider making a donation. 

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“We’re Cooked” is a NY Times Opinion Video series about our broken food system and the three chances you get to help fix it — and save the planet — every day.

Click the images below to watch the short videos on the New York Times website.

Please note, free views of the NYT may be limited without a subscription. You should still be able to play the video, but your view may be obstructed by a pop-up.

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Let's all go to the movies...

See our short list of documentary films with two themes: farmers disillusioned with industrial ag and the industry's terrible toll on  animals.  
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"The 3rd Battle for Lake Erie" -
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If your group or organization is interested in our LEA presentation please contact our outreach coordinator by using the form above, or send an e-mail to Libby Marsh at

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