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LEA defends Lake Erie from assaults by animal factories and other polluting sources to sustain the lake's health for all life that depends on it.

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Public Meetings are held on the 4th Wednesday of each month at Grace Lutheran Church at 6:30 pm. 

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LEA Pulls Out of Landmark Federal Lawsuit

"We believe it is the principled thing for us to do."

Cornell Agronomy Ph.D. tells how OEPA's "fixes" don't work 

In this 30 minute video, Dr. Deanna Osmond, author of dozens of studies on soil nutrients, speaks at an Ohio State University conference Sept. 8, 2021. Her presentation describes why many of the "Best Management Practices" the Ohio EPA is using to draft TMDLs (total maximum daily loads) for Lake Erie are either ineffective or actually increase the Dissolved Reactive Phosphorus fueling toxic algal blooms every summer.

Chris Winslow, director of the OSU's Sea Grant program, moderates the Q&A in which he says Best Management Practices should be called only "Management Practices" because of their ineffectiveness.

Let's all go to the movies...

See our short list of documentary films with two themes: farmers disillusioned with industrial ag and the industry's terrible toll on  animals.  

"The 3rd Battle for Lake Erie" -

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